Complex PCI for LAD CTO lesion and tortuous LCX

Operators:Prof.Dr.Bilal BOZTOSUN
Yrd.Doç.Dr.M.Onur OMAYGENÇ

İstanbul Medipol Üniversitesi Kardiyoloji Anabilim Dalı


A 64-year-old female patient who underwent coronary angiography was recommended for bypass operation at another center. Refusing the operation the patient was admitted to our clinic for the treatment of complex PCI.


EBU 3.5 catheter was placed in the left main coronary and images were taken (Video 01). LAD lesions were crossed with support guidewire accompanied by corsair microcatheter. corsair was then retrieved by tropping using a 2.5 x 15 mm SIMPASS PLUS balloon (Video 02). Lesions were predilated with 2.0 x 20 mm and 2.5 x 20 mm scoreflex balloons, respectively (Video 03). Image received (Video 04). When the stent can not advanced directly, anchoring with 2.5 × 15 mm simpass nc balloon guidliner was advanced to proximal LAD (Video 05). 2.5 x 34 mm resolute onyx des was implanted at 16 atm (Video 06). Postdilatation was applied with 3.0 x 12mm nc solarice balloon (Video 07).

LCX lesions were crossed by guidewire (Video 08). Predilatation was made with a 2.5 x 20 mm scoreflex balloon accompanied by the guidliner (Video 09).  Again 3.0 x 34 mm resolute onyx des was implanted at 12 atm accompanied by the guidliner (Video 10) . Then postdilatation was performed with a 3.0 x 12 mm simpass nc balloon (Video 11). The lesions were fully open (Video 12).

Video 01

Video 02

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Video 08

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